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Here you can find a PCB for the CAN200-Interface
It is a CAN-Dongle for the printer port developed by Martin Homuth-Rosemann to be used with Linux.
The Linux driver is avalible here.
A windows driver written by Juergen Eder is avalible here.



Part     Value          Device     Package

C1       33p            C-EUC0603    C0603
C2       33p            C-EUC0603    C0603
C3       100n           C-EUC0603    C0603
C4       220p           C-EUC0603    C0603
IC1      74HC132        74HC132      DIL14
IC2      82C250SMDDIL   82C250SMDDIL DIL08
IC3                     SJA1000T     SOT136-1
Q1       8MHz           XTAL/S       QS
R1       47K            R-EU_R0805   R0805
R2       10k            R-EU_R0805   R0805
R3       270            R-EU_R0805   R0805
X1                      M09D         M09D
X2                      M25D         M25D
X4                      W237-102     con-wago-500


Board and Schematic as Eagle files.
(Eagle is avalible from www.cadsoft.de)

Board as 600dpi GIF-Files:

Installation (-Problems)

When trying to install the can200-Interface i had the following problems:
Depending on the parallel-port of the computer i was not able to get one of the linux-drivers (can200-0.2 or canbus4linux) running.
So don't throw away your can200 after the first unsuccessfull tries ;-)

I had no success to get the device working in PS/2-Mode of any parallel-port.
With an old P1 Intel-Mainboard i was only able to get can200-0.2 running in EPP-Mode with another PC, which has the Bios-Settings EPP-1.7 or 1.9 the can200-driver faild to detect the device with all settings. At that PC, i was able to use ECP-Mode with canbus4linux.
The Windows-Driver i tested only with the last PC (P75, Win95, ECP) and it was able to get some can-packets at 125kBaud, but for that Bus-Speed the Operating-System on such a slow PC seems to be overloaded.


Layout for hardware revision 0.2

Martin did some corrections to his schematic, which should solve the problems mentioned above. These modifications are included in the new layout.
Caution nobody has yet built a prototype with this layout. It should work but it also might not.

Get the v0.2 Layout here

I am verry interested in freedback if this layout will prove satisfactory.
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