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Din Rail Home Automisation (STM32)


this project is just started with a couple of hardware modules. The intention is to build a flexible hardware platform for home automisation based on cheap and powerfull STM32 platform. Currently some modules for DIN Rail mounting are ready and tested with a proprietary protocol. The platform also features powerful user interfaces based on touch TFT modules.
I will currently not provide any source code, since it currently uses proprietary protocol which I want to replace soon. Currently VSCP seems to be the most interesting approach.


  • DIN Rail Basis (tested)
    • fits in DIN Rail housing which is intended for 2 PCB mounting
    • the main module is a STM32F1 microcontroller module which can be soldered either with CAN (tested) and/or RS485 transceiver (untested)
    • the CPU module is mounted in the top of the housing the interconnection to different power PCBs is done via 1 or 2 ribbon wires
    • 24V Supply for all modules is converted to 5V and 3.3V on the CPU module
    • 1. ribbon wire provides interfaces and power in both directions and 5V tolerant IOs
    • 2. ribbon wire is optional and provides extra digital IOs (not 5V tolerant)
    • Eagle Library for interconnection cables
    • Eagle Library for power PCB fitting to Din Rail housing
  • Power PCB Modules
    • LED dimmer module (tested)
      • Power PCB with up to 8 constant current sources for LEDs
      • 24V Supply for Digital control can be seperate from 24V LED supply
      • Relais to control a seperate 24V LED power supply
      • 4 analog inputs for poti control
      • 4 control inputs 24V signals. Inputs are protected via opto coupler
    • Window blinds, Jalousie module (tested)
      • Control of 6 motors via 12 relais with hardware interlock
      • 12 control inputs 24V signals for buttons. Inputs are protected via opto coupler
    • Relais switch PCB (not existant)
      • could be easily derived from Jalousie module by removing the interlock
    • Small signal IO (untested)
      • Alarm application with reed switches or interfacing of one wire humidity and temperature modules (not Dallas 1 wire)
      • 26 bidirectional 5V IOs
      • Output: tristate output buffer
      • Input: with internal switchable pullup for open collector nodes or reed switches
  • other Modules, not for Din Rail
    • CAN Transceiver PCB for Babana Pi as primary node (tested)
    • CAN Transceiver PCB for STM32F7 Discovery PCB (4,3 inch touch TFT) (tested)
    • Temperature and humidity measurement PCB (untested)


Download Eagle files

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